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Single bet

1 event – 1 tip! The single bet is the simplest bet offered by, with the fastest chance of winning.

Combi bet

Minimum stake, high winnings – the best way to do this is with combi bets! In comparison to a single bet, where you can bet solely on one event, with one single stake you can bet on several matches.

System bet

Win even if not all matches were correctly predicted – this is only possible with system bets! Here there are a variety of betting possibilities. Decide for yourself on the system 3 out of 4, and you've won, as long as three of your bets are correct.

Multiway bet

With this betting type you can place more tips on a particular event. Example: With Bayern Munich playing against Borussia Dortmund, you bet on tip 1 and tip 2 at the same time and therefore minimise the risk.

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Top Winners
Great Britain
24.04.2019 22:38
Paweł G.
Single bet
1500.00 GBP
Great Britain
24.04.2019 19:19
Michael H.
Single bet
498.00 GBP
Great Britain
24.04.2019 21:49
Christopher C.
Single bet
448.00 GBP
Great Britain
24.04.2019 12:35
Valerie S.
Single bet
350.00 GBP

ITF Men, Abuja, Singles M-ITF-NGR-03A

Doumbia, Sadio - Jacobs, Tuki25.04.19 12:401.076.09
Soares Klier Junior, Gilbert - Reboul, Fabienlive25.04.19 12:401.861.78
Sorgi, Joao Pedro - Angel, Jaimee Floyd25.04.19 14:102.451.45
Yitbarek, Simon - Draper, Jack25.04.19 14:105.451.09

ITF Men, Abuja, Doubles M-ITF-NGR-03A

Kadhe A / Prashanth N V S - Bushamuka W / Gamble L J25.04.19 14:101.115.00
Andu M / Mohammed M - Doumbia S / Reboul F25.04.19 15:4010.00--
Palan D / Yitbarek S - Added D / Pervolarakis M25.04.19 15:404.241.16

ITF Men, Angers, Singles M-ITF-FRA-07A

Tabur, Clement - Sanchez-Izquierdo, Nikolas25.04.19 12:402.271.52
Van De Zandschulp, Botic - Tchoutakian, Maxime25.04.19 13:301.193.89
Simon, Tobias - Negritu, Christophlive25.04.19 15:401.542.22
Cias, Pawel - Hamou, Maxime25.04.19 18:303.451.23

ITF Men, Angers, Doubles M-ITF-FRA-07A

Martineau M / Tabur C - Van De Zandschulp B / Vanneste J25.04.19 18:302.331.49

ITF Men, Antalya, Singles M-ITF-TUR-11A

Heyman, Christopher - Guttau, Niklas25.04.19 12:301.056.78

ITF Men, Antalya, Doubles M-ITF-TUR-11A

Srbljak G / Woerner P - Fufygin M / Nashatyrkin R25.04.19 12:451.582.15
De Jong J / Pontjodikromo S - Korolev V / Uvarov A25.04.19 13:301.293.06
Hermans M / Orlov V - Rodriguez C / Struvay E25.04.19 14:005.061.11

ITF Men, Bucaramanga, Singles M-ITF-COL-01A

Monzon, Ignacio - Echavarria, Rodrigo25.04.19 17:001.412.55
Panta Herreros, Jorge Brian - Hoyos Franco, Alejandro25.04.19 17:001.164.20
Mejia, Nicolas - Gomez, Juan Sebastian25.04.19 18:301.193.84

ITF Men, Cancun, Singles M-ITF-MEX-06A

Gonzalez, Wilfredo - Zhu, Evan25.04.19 16:002.541.42
Mena, Facundo - Brymer, Gage25.04.19 16:001.115.12
Oliel, Yshai - Cash, Julian25.04.19 16:001.422.54
Nakagawa, Naoki - Krainik, Pavel25.04.19 17:301.312.98
Yamacita, Fernando - Grenier, Hugo25.04.19 17:306.601.05

ITF Men, Cairo, Singles M-ITF-EGY-14A

Toledo Bague, Pol - Samaha, Giovani25.04.19 12:301.028.40
Perchicot, Mathieu - Delage, Pierre25.04.19 12:301.124.92
De Rossi, Marco - Moundir, Adam25.04.19 14:006.231.06
Uspensky, Dennis - Goldsteiner, Peter25.04.19 14:001.522.27
Vanta, Valentin - Fellin, Manfred25.04.19 13:002.451.45

ITF Men, Cairo, Doubles M-ITF-EGY-14A

Bovy A / Onclin G - Chilakalapudi T A / Peranamallur C V25.04.19 14:301.037.83
Jianu F C / Toledo Bague P - Kopriva V / Pospisil J25.04.19 15:302.981.31

ITF Men, Santa Margherita di Pula, Singles M-ITF-ITA-05A

Pichler, David - Glasspool, Lloyd25.04.19 14:002.771.35
Gaston, Hugo - Fonio, Giovanni25.04.19 14:001.452.45
Cornea, Vlad Victor - Prevosto, Luca25.04.19 14:001.442.48
Veldheer, Mick - Caruana, Liam25.04.19 14:002.731.36
Miceli, Marco - Jecan, Mircea-Alexandru25.04.19 15:302.911.32
Balzerani, Riccardo - Rosenkranz, Mats25.04.19 15:301.203.75
Bega, Alessandro - Martin, Toby25.04.19 17:001.332.89

ITF Men, Tabarka, Singles M-ITF-TUN-16A

Ghorbel, Anis - Matos, Rafael25.04.19 12:304.301.15
Tessa, Louis - Jirousek, Tomas25.04.19 14:301.512.29
Blanchet, Ugo - Blancaneaux, Geoffrey25.04.19 14:307.011.04
Crepaldi, Erik - Donski, Alexander25.04.19 14:301.303.00

ITF Men, Tabarka, Doubles M-ITF-TUN-16A

Luz O / Matos R - Gray J / Larriere C25.04.19 16:301.164.23
Martinez M / Schmitz C - Egea F E / Paz J P25.04.19 16:301.602.10
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