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Single bet

1 event – 1 tip! The single bet is the simplest bet offered by, with the fastest chance of winning.

Combi bet

Minimum stake, high winnings – the best way to do this is with combi bets! In comparison to a single bet, where you can bet solely on one event, with one single stake you can bet on several matches.

System bet

Win even if not all matches were correctly predicted – this is only possible with system bets! Here there are a variety of betting possibilities. Decide for yourself on the system 3 out of 4, and you've won, as long as three of your bets are correct.

Multiway bet

With this betting type you can place more tips on a particular event. Example: With Bayern Munich playing against Borussia Dortmund, you bet on tip 1 and tip 2 at the same time and therefore minimise the risk.

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Top Winners
Great Britain
27.05.2020 18:56
Joseph C.
Single bet
1709.25 GBP
Great Britain
27.05.2020 22:24
Alexander Charles G.
Single bet
900.00 GBP
Great Britain
27.05.2020 21:49
Jerzy B.
Single bet
872.00 GBP
Great Britain
27.05.2020 20:27
Tobias L.
Single bet
819.50 GBP

International, Championship League - Overall winner

Long term
Championship League - Winner12.06.20 02:00
3.35Trump, Judd4.90O´sullivan, Ronnie
4.95Robertson, Neil8.40Selby, Mark
15.90Wilson, Kyren16.00Allen, Mark
21.00Bingham, Stuart24.80Gilbert, David
31.00Hawkins, Barry38.00Lisowski, Jack
50.00Carter, Allister61.00Perry, Joe
63.00Wilson, Gary77.00Brecel, Luca
99.00Day, Ryan120.00Wenbo, Liang
120.00Mcgill, Anthony125.00Holt, Michael
130.00Ford, Tom145.00Stevens, Matthew
150.00Walden, Ricky185.00Robertson, Jimmy
190.00Maflin, Kurt195.00Davis, Mark
195.00Carrington, Stuart200.00King, Mark
200.00Milkins, Robert220.00Selt, Matthew
220.00Williams, Robbie240.00Woollaston, Ben
240.00O´donnell, Martin240.00Wakelin, Chris
260.00Craigie, Sam280.00Wells, Daniel
280.00Highfield, Liam280.00Slessor, Elliot
280.00Grace, David290.00Dale, Dominic
290.00White, Michael290.00Steadman, Craig
300.00Doherty, Ken300.00Burden, Alfie
300.00O´connor, Joe325.00Georgiou, Michael
350.00Burns, Ian375.00Joyce, Mark
375.00Jones, Jak375.00Ursenbacher, Alexander
400.00Walker, Lee400.00Baird, Sam
425.00Bond, Nigel475.00Brown, Jordan
500.00Lines, Oliver500.00Astley, John
600.00Mann, Mitchell600.00Chandler, Harvey
700.00Dunn, Mike750.00Carty, Ashley
800.00Clarke, Jamie Rhys825.00Heathcote, Louis
825.00Page, Jackson850.00Hirani, Kishan
850.00Feilong, Chen850.00Miah, Hammad
Championship League 2020 - Group 1 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.80Bingham, Stuart2.85Walden, Ricky
8.00Brown, Jordan13.00Clarke, Jamie Rhys
Championship League 2020 - Group 2 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.25Trump, Judd9.05Slessor, Elliot
10.00Wells, Daniel11.00Grace, David
Championship League 2020 - Group 3 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
2.75Holt, Michael3.00Davis, Mark
3.60Joyce, Mark8.00Heathcote, Louis
Championship League 2020 - Group 4 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.84Perry, Joe3.00King, Mark
8.05Baird, Sam10.10Chandler, Harvey
Championship League 2020 - Group 5 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.60Selby, Mark3.40Wenbo, Liang
10.00O´connor, Joe11.00Walker, Lee
Championship League 2020 - Group 6 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
2.30Carter, Allister4.00Selt, Matthew
4.50Craigie, Sam5.00Dale, Dominic
Championship League 2020 - Group 7 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.90Hawkins, Barry2.75Mcgill, Anthony
6.50Steadman, Craig15.00Miah, Hammad
Championship League 2020 - Group 10 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.28O´sullivan, Ronnie6.00Wakelin, Chris
8.00Georgiou, Michael26.10Hirani, Kishan
Championship League 2020 - Group 11 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.60Allen, Mark5.00O´donnell, Martin
6.00White, Michael8.50Bond, Nigel
Championship League 2020 - Group 12 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.65Wilson, Kyren3.25Day, Ryan
7.45Burden, Alfie16.90Feilong, Chen
Championship League 2020 - Group 13 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.65Gilbert, David3.50Carrington, Stuart
7.95Jones, Jak11.00Page, Jackson
Championship League 2020 - Group 14 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
2.00Wilson, Gary2.75Stevens, Matthew
7.50Astley, John9.00Mann, Mitchell
Championship League 2020 - Group 15 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
2.35Ford, Tom2.75Milkins, Robert
5.00Burns, Ian8.00Dunn, Mike
Championship League 2020 - Group 16 - Winner12.06.20 02:00
1.30Robertson, Neil5.55Maflin, Kurt
10.10Doherty, Ken19.10Carty, Ashley


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