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1 event – 1 tip! The single bet is the simplest bet offered by, with the fastest chance of winning.

Combi bet

Minimum stake, high winnings – the best way to do this is with combi bets! In comparison to a single bet, where you can bet solely on one event, with one single stake you can bet on several matches.

System bet

Win even if not all matches were correctly predicted – this is only possible with system bets! Here there are a variety of betting possibilities. Decide for yourself on the system 3 out of 4, and you've won, as long as three of your bets are correct.

Multiway bet

With this betting type you can place more tips on a particular event. Example: With Bayern Munich playing against Borussia Dortmund, you bet on tip 1 and tip 2 at the same time and therefore minimise the risk.

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Top Winners
Great Britain
23.04.2019 14:35
Valerie S.
Single bet
1100.00 GBP
Great Britain
23.04.2019 06:04
Janis K.
Single bet
952.00 GBP
Great Britain
23.04.2019 16:43
Yu Wan C.
Combi bet
696.44 GBP
Great Britain
23.04.2019 15:08
Gary l.
Single bet
353.37 GBP
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USA, US presidential election

Long term
Which candidate will win the 59th US presidential election?01.11.20 12:00
1.97Donald Trump7.00Bernie Sanders
7.50Joe Biden8.00Kamala Harris
8.50Beto O'Rourke11.00Pete Buttigieg
20.00Andrew Yang30.00Cory Booker
38.00Elizabeth Warren40.00Mike Pence
42.50Amy Klobuchar45.00Michael Bloomberg
47.50Kirsten Gillibrand50.00Tulsi Gabbard
65.00Nikki Haley65.00Howard Schultz
90.00John Kasich100.00Hillary Clinton
100.00Mitt Romney100.00Julian Castro
100.00John Hickenlooper100.00Tim Scott
125.00Michelle Obama125.00Ivanka Trump
125.00Tammy Duckworth125.00Oprah Winfrey
125.00Eric Swalwell150.00Al Gore
150.00John Kerry150.00Rob Portman
150.00Tim Kaine150.00Marco Rubio
150.00Chris Christie150.00Paul Ryan
150.00Andrew Cuomo150.00Scott Walker
150.00Bill De Blasio150.00John Cena
150.00George Clooney150.00Tom Cotton
150.00Terry McAuliffe150.00Joe Kennedy III
150.00Ben Sasse150.00Bill Gates
150.00Dwayne Johnson150.00Gavin Newsom
150.00Trey Gowdy150.00Rufus Gifford
150.00Rick Scott150.00Seth Moulton
150.00Michael Moore150.00Ben Shapiro
150.00George Prescott Bush150.00Charlie Baker
150.00Tammy Baldwin150.00Joe Rogan
200.00Jeb Bush200.00Arnold Schwarzenegger
200.00Sarah Palin200.00Angelina Jolie
200.00Ted Cruz200.00Rand Paul
200.00Vince McMahon200.00Keith Ellison
200.00Chelsea Clinton200.00Tim Cook
200.00Mark Cuban200.00Kendrick Lamar
200.00TJ Kirk200.00Chuck Norris
200.00Nancy Pelosi200.00Jamie Dimon
200.00Jeff Flake200.00Jon Favreau
250.00Dick Cheney250.00LeBron James
250.00Mark Zuckerberg250.00Kanye West
250.00Leonardo DiCaprio250.00Steve Bannon
250.00Cynthia Nixon250.00Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Who will be elected as the democratic candidate for the 59th US presidential elections?16.07.20 12:00
3.75Bernie Sanders4.00Kamala Harris
6.00Joe Biden6.00Peter Buttigieg
7.00Beto O'Rourke12.50Andrew Yang
20.00Elizabeth Warren20.00Amy Klobuchar
22.00Cory Booker25.00Tulsi Gabbard
33.00Kirsten Gillibrand33.00Julian Castro
33.00John Hickenlooper40.00Hillary Clinton
40.00Michael Bloomberg40.00Michelle Obama
65.00Oprah Winfrey65.00Jay Inslee

USA, Trump Special

Long term
Will Donald Trump resign during his 1st term as president?31.12.20 08:00
Will Donald Trump be removed from office by the House of Representatives during his 1st term?31.12.20 08:00
Will Donald Trump be convicted by the Senate during his 1st term?31.12.20 08:00