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1 event – 1 tip! The single bet is the simplest bet offered by, with the fastest chance of winning.

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Minimum stake, high winnings – the best way to do this is with combi bets! In comparison to a single bet, where you can bet solely on one event, with one single stake you can bet on several matches.

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Win even if not all matches were correctly predicted – this is only possible with system bets! Here there are a variety of betting possibilities. Decide for yourself on the system 3 out of 4, and you've won, as long as three of your bets are correct.

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With this betting type you can place more tips on a particular event. Example: With Bayern Munich playing against Borussia Dortmund, you bet on tip 1 and tip 2 at the same time and therefore minimise the risk.

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Top Winners
26.04.2019 02:15
Adam K.
Single bet
10188.27 PLN
Great Britain
25.04.2019 23:05
Paweł G.
Single bet
1470.00 GBP
Great Britain
25.04.2019 19:54
Daniel William B.
Single bet
1011.68 GBP
Great Britain
25.04.2019 22:33
Apoorva G.
Single bet
840.00 GBP
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England, Premier League top match

Manchester United - Chelsea FC (28.04.19 - 17:30)
Top match
Which team will kick off?28.04.19 17:30
1.90Manchester United1.90Chelsea FC
What will happen first in the first five minutes?28.04.19 17:30
9.00Goal2.40A corner kick to be awarded
19.00Yellow/Red card33.00A penalty to be awarded
1.80None of the stated options
To happen in the first 10 minutes28.04.19 17:30
4.30More than 0.5 goals1.20Less than 0.5 goals
1.60More than 0,5 corner kicks2.20Fewer than 0,5 corner kicks
7.00More than 0,5 cards1.10Fewer than 0,5 cards
What will happen first?28.04.19 17:30
1.80Yellow card2.30Goal
12.00Substitution11.00Halftime break
How will the first goal be scored?28.04.19 17:30
8.99No goal17.00Free-kick
12.00Penalty kick19.00Own goal
Will a substitute score at least one goal (own goals excluded)?28.04.19 17:30
Which team will make the first substitution?28.04.19 17:30
1.90Manchester United1.90Chelsea FC
15.00Both teams at the same time250.00No substitutions to be made
Will one team score at least one goal in second half stoppage time?28.04.19 17:30
Which team will score 2 goals first in the game?28.04.19 17:30
2.90Manchester United2.80Chelsea FC
2.35No team
Which team will score 3 goals first in the game?28.04.19 17:30
6.00Manchester United6.00Chelsea FC
1.25No team
Will an own goal be scored?28.04.19 17:30
Will a goalkeeper score a goal (own goal does not count)?28.04.19 17:30
To score a penalty28.04.19 17:30
8.00Manchester United to score a penalty8.00Chelsea FC to score a penalty
To miss a penalty28.04.19 17:30
19.00Manchester United to miss a penalty19.00Chelsea FC to miss a penalty
Will a team win by exactly 1 goal?28.04.19 17:30
Will a team win by exactly two goals?28.04.19 17:30
Will a team win by exactly three goals?28.04.19 17:30
To score at least one goal and be on the winning side28.04.19 17:30
3.85Eden Hazard (Chelsea FC)4.25Gonzalo Higuain (Chelsea FC)
4.55Olivier Giroud (Chelsea FC)5.50Pedro (Chelsea FC)
5.85Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United)6.00Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)
7.00Paul Pogba (Manchester United)8.00Anthony Martial (Manchester United)
--others on request
Scores at least one goal and correct score28.04.19 17:30
8.00E. Hazard to score, and Chelsea FC to win 2:0, 2:1 or 3:18.00R. Lukaku to score and Manchester United to win 2:0, 2:1 or 3:1
8.50M. Rashford to score and Manchester United to win 1:0, 2:0 or 2:19.00G. Higuain to score and Chelsea to win 1:0, 2:0 or 2:1
9.50P. Pogba to score and Manchester United to win 1:0, 2:1 or 3:110.00O. Giroud to score and Chelsea FC to win 1:0, 2:1 or 3:1
--others on request
To score at least one goal, both teams to score and his team to win28.04.19 17:30
7.50E. Hazard to score, both teams to score and Chelsea FC to win7.50R. Lukaku to score, both teams to score and Manchester United to win
8.00A. Martial to score, both teams to score and Manchester United to win8.00M. Rashford to score, both teams to score and Manchester United to win
8.00P. Pogba to score, both teams to score and Manchester United to win8.50G. Higuain to score, both teams to score and Chelsea to win
8.50O. Giroud to score, both teams to score and Chelsea FC to win9.00Pedro to score, both teams to score and Chelsea FC to win
--others on request
Both to score at least one goal each in the match28.04.19 17:30
6.00E. Hazard and G. Higuain6.35E. Hazard and O. Giroud
8.45R. Lukaku and M. Rashford8.50G. Higuain and Pedro
9.85R. Lukaku and P. Pogba10.50M. Rashford and P. Pogba
--others on request
First goalscorer - Home team28.04.19 17:30
3.40Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United)4.00Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)
4.00Paul Pogba (Manchester United)4.00Anthony Martial (Manchester United)
4.75Alexis Sanchez (Manchester United)8.00Jesse Lingard (Manchester United)
9.50Andreas Pereira (Manchester United)15.00Fred (Manchester United)
--others on request
First goalscorer - Away team28.04.19 17:30
3.40Eden Hazard (Chelsea FC)4.40Gonzalo Higuain (Chelsea FC)
4.40Olivier Giroud (Chelsea FC)5.00Pedro (Chelsea FC)
7.50Willian (Chelsea FC)15.00N´Golo Kante (Chelsea FC)
20.00Jorginho (Chelsea FC)--others on request
Will score at least one goal in the first 10 minutes of the game28.04.19 17:30
20.00Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United)20.00Eden Hazard (Chelsea FC)
25.00Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)25.00Paul Pogba (Manchester United)
25.00Anthony Martial (Manchester United)25.00Gonzalo Higuain (Chelsea FC)
25.00Olivier Giroud (Chelsea FC)27.00Pedro (Chelsea FC)
--others on request
Will score at least one goal in each half of the match28.04.19 17:30
19.00Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United)19.00Eden Hazard (Chelsea FC)
25.00Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)25.00Paul Pogba (Manchester United)
25.00Anthony Martial (Manchester United)27.00Gonzalo Higuain (Chelsea FC)
27.00Olivier Giroud (Chelsea FC)35.00Pedro (Chelsea FC)
--others on request
Scorecast (First goalscorer/exact result)28.04.19 17:30
35.00R. Lukaku/1:050.00R. Lukaku/2:0
35.00R. Lukaku/2:180.00R. Lukaku/3:0
50.00R. Lukaku/3:180.00R. Lukaku/3:2
150.00R. Lukaku/4:0125.00R. Lukaku/4:1
150.00R. Lukaku/4:230.00R. Lukaku/1:1
50.00R. Lukaku/2:2150.00R. Lukaku/3:3
50.00R. Lukaku/1:2100.00R. Lukaku/1:3
150.00R. Lukaku/2:3250.00R. Lukaku/1:4
300.00R. Lukaku/2:4
Scorecast (First goalscorer/exact result)28.04.19 17:30
35.00M. Rashford/1:050.00M. Rashford/2:0
35.00M. Rashford/2:1100.00M. Rashford/3:0
67.00M. Rashford/3:180.00M. Rashford/3:2
150.00M. Rashford/4:0150.00M. Rashford/4:1
150.00M. Rashford/4:235.00M. Rashford/1:1
50.00M. Rashford/2:2150.00M. Rashford/3:3
67.00M. Rashford/1:2125.00M. Rashford/1:3
150.00M. Rashford/2:3250.00M. Rashford/1:4
350.00M. Rashford/2:4
Scorecast (First goalscorer/exact result)28.04.19 17:30
40.00P. Pogba/1:067.00P. Pogba/2:0
40.00P. Pogba/2:1100.00P. Pogba/3:0
80.00P. Pogba/3:1100.00P. Pogba/3:2
200.00P. Pogba/4:0150.00P. Pogba/4:1
200.00P. Pogba/4:240.00P. Pogba/1:1
67.00P. Pogba/2:2200.00P. Pogba/3:3
80.00P. Pogba/1:2150.00P. Pogba/1:3
200.00P. Pogba/2:3350.00P. Pogba/1:4
400.00P. Pogba/2:4
Scorecast (First goalscorer/exact result)28.04.19 17:30
35.00E. Hazard/0:150.00E. Hazard/0:2
35.00E. Hazard/1:235.00E. Hazard/0:3
50.00E. Hazard/1:380.00E. Hazard/2:3
150.00E. Hazard/0:4125.00E. Hazard/1:4
150.00E. Hazard/2:430.00E. Hazard/1:1
50.00E. Hazard/2:2150.00E. Hazard/3:3
67.00E. Hazard/2:1100.00E. Hazard/3:1
150.00E. Hazard/3:2250.00E. Hazard/4:1
300.00E. Hazard/4:2
Scorecast (First goalscorer/exact result)28.04.19 17:30
35.00G. Higuain/0:150.00G. Higuain/0:2
35.00G. Higuain/1:235.00G. Higuain/0:3
67.00G. Higuain/1:380.00G. Higuain/2:3
150.00G. Higuain/0:4150.00G. Higuain/1:4
150.00G. Higuain/2:435.00G. Higuain/1:1
50.00G. Higuain/2:2150.00G. Higuain/3:3
67.00G. Higuain/2:1125.00G. Higuain/3:1
150.00G. Higuain/3:2250.00G. Higuain/4:1
350.00G. Higuain/4:2
Scorecast (First goalscorer/exact result)28.04.19 17:30
Scorecast (First goalscorer/exact result)28.04.19 17:30
--others on request
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