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Top Winners
22.04.2017 10:42
Jonathan A.
Single bet
1750.00 GBP
22.04.2017 17:50
Jamie E.
Single bet
1305.00 GBP
23.04.2017 01:10
Marcin W.
Single bet
1230.00 GBP
22.04.2017 16:47
Theodoros B.
Single bet
1462.50 EUR
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River Plate - CA Sarmiento

23.04.2017 23:15, Football, Argentina, Primera Division, Torneo Iniciallive
River Plate - CA Sarmiento1.324.647.95
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (1:0)1.066.8417.85
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (0:1)1.863.573.00
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (0:2)3.193.891.73
Double Chance1X12X2
River Plate - CA Sarmiento1.071.132.50
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 0.5)9.481.03
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 1.5)4.041.20
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 2.5)2.111.65
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 3.5)1.442.59
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 4.5)1.174.51
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 5.5)1.057.74
Under/Over 1st half12
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 0.5)3.221.30
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 1.5)1.522.37
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 2.5)1.135.18
Under/Over 2nd half12
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 0.5)4.291.18
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 1.5)1.821.89
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 2.5)1.233.74
Under/Over Team 112
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 2.5)1.522.31
Under/Over Team 212
River Plate - CA Sarmiento (under/over 0.5)1.891.79
River Plate - CA Sarmiento1.105.83
Will both teams score at least one goal?
Who leads at halftime?1X2
River Plate - CA Sarmiento1.762.477.30
Which team will win the 2nd half?1X2
River Plate - CA Sarmiento1.602.936.97
1.631 / 142.831 / 213.341 / X
3.00X / 112.89X / 25.85X / X
16.632 / 112.292 / 215.642 / X
Who will score the first goal?1X2
River Plate - CA Sarmiento1.2913.983.42
Correct score
Will Team 1 win without conceding a goal?
Will Team 2 win without conceding a goal?
How many goals will be scored in the 1st half?
3.310 goals2.581 goal2.382 or more goals
How many goals will be scored in the 2nd half?
4.590 goals2.781 goal1.882 or more goals
How many goals will be scored during the match?
4.140-1 goals1.992-3 goals
3.254-5 goals10.256 or more goals
How many goals will be scored during the match?
15.270 goals5.471 goal
3.702 goals3.793 goals
5.014 goals8.365 goals
10.146 or more goals
When will more goals be scored?
2.941st Half2.022nd Half3.63Equal
Will the final score be even or odd?
How will the game run?
1.31first goal Team 1 and Team 1 wins6.66first goal Team 2 and Team 2 wins
8.94first goal Team 1 and a draw8.94first goal Team 2 and a draw
33.50first goal Team 1 and Team 2 wins7.20first goal Team 2 and Team 1 wins
10.65No goal
How many goals will Team 1 score?
7.400 goals3.441 goal
3.112 goals2.213 or more goals
How many goals will Team 2 score?
1.780 goals2.361 goal
6.072 goals20.293 or more goals