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Responsible Gaming

Evaluate your gambling habits With the help of the self-test, you can realistically evaluate your own gaming behaviour quickly and easily. However we would like to expressly point out that a diagnosis of a gambling problem can only be made by a trained expert.

No worries; your answers are completely anonymous and will not be saved or evaluated by bet-at-home.com.
Never Sometimes Frequently Always
Have you ever played with amounts that you couldn't actually afford?
Do you have to play with larger amounts of money in order to achieve the desired gambling experience?
Have you ever tried to win back money you lost after a few days?
Have you ever borrowed money or sold something in order to get money for gambling?
Do you sometimes feel as though you are addicted to gambling?
Have you ever had health problems like stress or anxiety because of gambling?
Have you ever been criticised due to gambling or have you ever been accused of having a problem, regardless of whether or not you are of the opinion that such concerns are justified?
Has gambling ever caused you or your household financial problems?
Have you ever felt guilty or worried about what could happen if you participate in gambling due to your gambling behaviour?
Your test results: You do not have a gambling problem.
Nevertheless, keep a watchful eye on your gaming behaviour, take breaks and go one step further by setting up a personal stake limit. Our customer advisors will be glad to support you with this.
Your test results: You are at minor risk of developing a gambling problem.
Therefore, keep a watchful eye on your gaming behaviour, take occasional breaks and set an exact stake limit. Our customer advisors will be glad to support you with this.
Your test results: You are at moderate risk of developing a gambling problem.
Carefully observe your gaming behaviour and take the first steps towards a voluntary self-limitation. Take longer breaks between playing and allow yourself a few non-gambling days. Set concrete stake and loss limits and consider self-exclusion. Our customer advisors will be glad to support you with this. If you would prefer assistance with this matter, please contact one of the following counselling services: Responsibility.
Your test results: You have a gambling problem.
Take immediate action and countermeasures such as setting concrete stake limits, taking longer breaks between playing time or a voluntary self-exclusion. Our customer advisors will be glad to support you with this. A list of counselling services can be found here: Responsibility.
Test results will be calculated once all the questions have been answered.

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